Complete piping services for a new land-based trout farm


SIMONA Stadpipe is already well underway with the work on the land-based trout farm at Rjukan; Hima Seafood.

At Rjukan in Telemark, Hima is establishing what is expected to be one of the world's largest land-based trout farms. The facility is based on RAS technology, also known as Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, a sustainable and environmentally conscious form of aquaculture production.

Monday 1st of August marked the start of construction for the facility which will be based in Rjukan. It is expected to produce around 8,000 tonnes of trout per year, which is equivalent to 22,000,000 dinners a year.

The contract for SIMONA Stadpipe is signed with Eyvi, working closely with Total Betong on the construction of this great land-based trout facility. The facility will be 320 meters long, with a floor area of around 27,000 square meters over two floors. SIMONA Stadpipe provides complete pipe services, including engineering and design, deliveries and installation. The delivery consists of approx. 21,000 meters of pipes in dimensions from 50mm to 1400mm, and around 1200 valves in dimensions from 50mm up to 1200mm. 

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