The customer can expect a system that meets all needs and complies with all relevant standards and regulations. We plan projects in close coordination with the customer to ensure that we are able to meet and exceed all of the customer's requirements and expectations. 

Nothing is left to chance at SIMONA Stadpipe. We design special constructions and complete installations in accordance with customer needs and specifications. We use tools like AutoCAD and Inventor to visualise drawings in 3D. This makes it possible to produce and install piping systems with extreme precision and performance.

Special production

Type SRF and SRM Inlet pipe

Stadpipe Inlet pipes are built to hydraulically regulate water inflow in tanks. The hydraulics in a fish tank play an important role, both in terms of optimising fish growth and reducing stress for the fish. The pipe allows the user to regulate water circulation in the fish tank. The pipe can be designed to meet the needs of any customer. • Straight connector with flange or socket • Flange connector EN 1092 PN10 • PE 100 black • SDR 26 outer pipe

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Type SRF and SRM Inlet pipe
Vacuum funnel
Thread nipples
Pipeline Strainer
CIP Tank
Outlet Funnel for fish
Fish Tank Cleaner
Level pipe
Drainage Box
Rotatable pipe joint

Standard products

Segment welded bend

• Radius 1.5xD • Reduction factor 0.8 • For butt welding and electrofusion • PE 100 black

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0-30° 2 segment/1 weld
31-60° 3 segment/2 welds
61-90° 4 segment/3 welds
Segment welded bend
Segment welded T-pipe
Segment welded cross
Segment welded branch pipe 45°
Liner pipe
Eccentric reducers
Reducers, concentric
Blind flange
End cap
Reducing branch pipe
Reducing T-pipe
Liner sleeve for system formwork