Technical information

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we have a good understanding of the type of information our customers need: simple, usable and providing a good basis for planning a piping system.

Our tables are approximate only and we assume no liability for any errors in the tables or the consequences of their use. It is important to always use external parties to validate assessments in order to ensure the right dimensions and, consequently, the right project budget.

We have developed our own procedures for PE pipe welding and electrofusion based on INSTA 2072-N 203, NS 416-1 and NS. Pipe components made of pressurised pipes, bolts, plates and hollow bars. All pipes from 20-1200 mm are approved in accordance with NS-EN 12201 in SDR 26-SDR 7,4. Pipe components are made in accodence with NS-EN 12201-3. Pipe components are welded in accordance with NS 416.

All equipment and services are delivered in accordance with the NS 9416 regulation relating to the requirements for a technical standard for land-based aquaculture facilities for fish.