When faced with a challenge, we step up to the plate for our customers, both big and small, in Norway and elsewhere.

We supply complete piping systems, from design to installation. SIMONA Stadpipe offers services from the 'post-it note' phase to completion, and monitors projects from the initial idea to production and the installation of the system at site. 

Our designs are based on specific needs and planning is always coordinated closely with the customer. This ensures that everything we deliver meets and exceeds all requirements and expectations.

Design, planning and product development

We have both expertise and technology to ensure that our customers have the right installation and functionality at their sites. Our systems guarantee the best service and follow-up for every customer -- and delivery by the agreed deadline. We carry out complete and complex projects and offer services as needed.

The customer can expect a system that meets all needs and complies with all relevant standards and regulations. We plan projects in close coordination with the customer to ensure that we are able to meet and exceed all of the customer's requirements and expectations.

Nothing is left to chance at SIMONA Stadpipe. We design special constructions and complete installations in accordance with customer needs and specifications. We use tools like AutoCAD and Inventor to visualise drawings in 3D. This makes it possible to produce and install piping systems with extreme precision and performance.

We carry out documented hydraulic, thermal and mechanical calulations of pipes, pipe parts and piping systems. This provides our customers with the certainty that the piping system will fuction as intended. The software we have developed is also used by other major engineering firms. 

We are well-versed in product development and innovation in land-based aquaculture thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience. We have personally developed several products that we use for our systems. 


It all starts in our engineering department, which develops and visualises the drawings in 3D, specially adapted to the specific installation.

Our production process spans from hi-tech modelling to manual craftmanship. A project may start with a simple idea and end with a complete piping system. The entire process is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that is fully up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. We have a 1300 m2 production facility at Stadt Næringspark in Leikanger on the Stadlandet peninsula. the development focus here is on locally prefabricated pipe modules and special products to be transported to installations around the world. This contributes to a far more effective building process, since less time is spent on assembling the system at the building site. the assembly phase can be shortened as a result. Our goal is always for the customer to receive the system as agreed in time and of the right quality. Our skilled production professionals convert the completed drawings into finished products and assamle the pipes into the right lengths and shapes and then welding together the polyethylene parts into completed modules requires a skilled hand and an artist's eye. Our certified production specialists are experts at welding polyethylene. 


The end product is to be of such high standard that it is worthy of the SIMONA Stadpipe stamp of quality.

Every project is closely supervised by one of our projects managers, all of whom boast many years of experience in several disciplines. We always try to offer the best possible follow-up to all projects. Our contributions to construction meetings are based on versatility and experiences gained from similar projects. The communication lines from the building to the planning staff and customer are minimise thanks to constructive dialogue at the building site. Our goal with every project is for the customer to receive the completed installation at the right time, quality and price.

Maintenance and inspection

We have many years of experience maintaining piping systems.

We offer services related to the usage of our systems. We always make every effort to ensure that the customer's systems function efficiently and cost-effectively. Our service offerings include inspection of piping systems to ensure compliance with the NS 9416 standard. 

SIMONA Stadpipe is ISO 9001:2015 certified.