About us

Since our company was established in 1995, we have evolved into one of the country's leading specialists in innovative piping systems.

Over the past 25 years, we have grown into a comany with a staff of around 50 committed and highly skilled professionals. The company's managers worked their way up from humble beginnings, which has resulted in excellent insight and understanding of the entire value chain. The path from decision to execution is short.

With the Stadhavet sea as our nearest neighbour, we're intimately familiar with the forces of nature. This is the very core of our company's essence. Patience, seizing opportunities, delivering quality and perceiving the job as a lifestyle have made us the company we are today. As a customer of SIMONA Stadpipe, you can be sure of world-leading expertise throughout the entire value chain - from planning and design to production, installation, testing and the physical delivery of the completed facility. 

All activities are centrally coordinated to optimise value creation along the coast of Western Norway. Our main office and production facility are located in Leikanger on the Stadlandet peninsula. 

We take pride in delivering quality - on time and on budget. That's why we get it right the first time. When faced with a challange, we step up to the plate for our customers, both big and small, in Norway and elsewhere. We go the extra mile and have good systems in place for follow-up and communication. 


In July 2020, SIMONA AG purchased a majority stake in SIMONA Stadpipe.

SIMONA is acknowledged as one of the leading producers and development partners in the field of thermoplastics. Operating worldwide, we offer technical solutions centred around industry and infrastructure.

This has resulted in a new injection of expertise in both products and materials, and an international presence which also provides the SIMONA Stadpipe with the opportunity to contribute to projects outside of Norway.

Environment and sustainability

SIMONA Stadpipe has extensive aquaculture expertise and supplies custom piping systems to customers around the world. We promote fish welfare and contribute to reduced emissions. Polyethylene (PE) is biodegradable and all components are 100% recyclable. Our quality assurance system has strict requirements for the collections of end caps and residual waste. These are sent further for recycling into new PE products or for incineration.

We care about the environment around us and want to contribute to the safe transport of water for both people and fish. PE is part of the solution for the 'green shift' and reorganisation of society. All of our products comply with the ISO 9001:2015, NS-EN 12201, NS 416 and NS 9416 standards.

We also design our products to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These represent a global commitment to eradicating poverty, combatting inequality and stopping climate change by the yea 2030. SIMONA Stadpipe AS pursues three concrete goals that are relevant to our business: 06 - Clean water and sanitation, 09 - Innovation and infrstructure and 14 - Life below water.



Ensure sustainable water management and access to water and good sanitary conditions for everyone. Although there is enough freshwater on the planet, tight finances and poor infrastructure stand in the way of access to clean water for all. Population growth and climate change are also leading to increasing water shortages in some parts of the world. 

To make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water, it is important that the world protects and restores the sources we already have and that we invest in new water and sanitary facilities in regions where these are lacking. We contribute by providing safe solutions for the water transport and sewage systems, both at sea and on land.


Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

To create sustaainable infrastructure, it is essential to invest in such infrastructures as transport, irrigation systems, energy and information technology. The underlying structure, infrastructure, must be in place in order for society to function. 

We contribute by designing and installing water systems for people on land and  land-based aquaculture.


Conserve and use the oceans, seas and marine resources in a manner that promotes sustainable development. For life to survive on earth, we are dependent on the ocean, where it is temperature, chemestry, currents and life that control the global systems. Yet human beings continue to destroy the oceans and marine life, making it no longer possible for our oceans to protect the planet. 

Overfishing must be stopped, pollution and poisoning prevented and animal life and coral reefs protected from extinction. These steps are essential to protecting our oceans, as all life on the planet depends on them. We contribute by supplying safe and secure systems for the aquaculture industry, both at sea and on land.